Small Jobs

Have some time to help our team out with some small odd jobs?

We are always searching for typos on the new site. Find a spelling mistake and we will send you 1 JSE per correction!

JSE promotional videos

Do you have video editing skills?

Create a promotional video for JSEcoin and if it's great and we use it will pay you 50 JSE. The video should promote the project to investors and webmasters who have never heard of the platform. It should be impressive, sleek and modern. Please don't use any copyrighted music/images/video from 3rd parties that might get us in trouble.

Become an affiliate

Earn 3.5 JSE per user who you can get to sign up to the platform

Get your affiliate link from the platform. Offer is double opt-in CPA and currently only available to the following countries: US,UK,CA,AU,NZ,IE,ZA

Find security bugs and issues

Do you know how to safely pentest a platform?

Find a security issue with our platform and we will reward you with bug bounties. You can optionally also get added to our bug bounty wall of fame.

Additional Tasks

Help us to grow

Task Name
JSE Value

Do you think we've missed a trick with optimising and promoting JSECoin?
Let us know and if we impliment your suggestion - we'll send on some JSE as a little thank you! :)

5-50 JSE
Browser/Device Testing

If you spot a graphical issue or bug on a browser please report it.
We are actively testing Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and Opera but we do miss things.

Feel free to report the issue on any of the latest Browsers - older browsers will not be viable for rewards.

Note: Some issues we class as minor and will not fix - ie Firefox on Android the navigational menu item appears larger than other browsers.

Screen reader and accessibility issues are currently not being accepted.

JSE Site Language Translation

We are looking for help to make our site multilingual.
To do this we need your help translating the following English internationalisation file locale-en.

Languages we are looking to support:

  • Russian - Please contact us
  • Chinese - In Progress
  • Korean - Please contact us
  • Spanish - In Progress
  • French - In Progress
  • German - In Progress
  • Swedish - Please contact us
  • Norwegian - Please contact us
  • Romanian - In Progress
  • Italian - In Progress
  • Japanese - Please contact us
  • Portugese - In Progress
  • Slovenian - In Progress
  • Finnish - In Progress

Note: We are looking for native speakers!

Please do not run this file through a translator tool like google translate as we will be validating and approving the content submitted.

You will receive JSE once we and other community members have reviewed and approved the content.

50 JSE per translation
Translations Reviewer

We will also be offering the community the ability to review and confirm the quality of the translation once a translation file is made available.

50 JSE per translation reviewed